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Privacy policy - Nu Staff recruitment

Privacy Policy

This policy will explain what we do with your personal data, whether we are helping you find a job, continuing working relations once we have found you a role, providing you with a service, receiving a service from you, visiting our website or your assistance in relation to one of our candidates.

From you – information you provide us when registering. Sending us your CV when applying for a job/meeting us at job fairs etc. Entering competitions through our social media pages.
3rd Parties- We receive personal data about candidates from other sources where required. This can include the following:
* Your referees may disclose personal information about you.
* Our clients may share some personal information about you.
* We also obtain information about you when searching for potential candidates from 3rd party sources such as job sites and LinkedIn.
* If you ‘follow’ our Facebook or Twitter pages we will receive your personal information from these sites.

Client's data
Personal data that we receive directly from you – Where you contact us directly (by phone/email) or where we contact you.
Personal data that we receive from other sources- Where appropriate and in accordance with local laws.
3rd party market research and by analysing online and offline media (which we do ourselves). From delegate lists at relevant events. From other sources and third parties such as our candidates providing your details as a referee.

Website users
When you visit our website, there is certain information that we may collect whether or not you wish to use our services or not.
This includes your IP address, the date and times along with frequency that you access the website and the way you browse its contents.
We also collect your data when you contact us via the website.
Data is also collected via cookies in line with cookie settings in your browser.

The personal data we collect?
What kind of personal data do we collect?
Candidates: In order for us to find the best employment opportunities for you, we need to process certain information.
We only ask for details that we genuinely need to help us help you. Details such as your name, contact details, education and employment history, emergency contacts, financial information (so you can get paid) and your national insurance number.
We also ask a few questions relating to criminal convictions, your health and any disabilities that we may need to be aware of.
We also take copies of your ID (Birth Certificate/Passport), Driving licence (if you are looking for driving work) National Insurance number and Proof of address.

How do you use my data?
Our main area of work is recruitment, which involves connecting the right candidates with the right job.
Below is a list of ways that we may use and process your personal data for this purpose where appropriate and in accordance with any local laws.
* Collecting data from you and other sources (as stated in the how you collect my data section)
* Storing your details (when you register with us) in our password secure database. This allows us to contact you in relation to recruitment.
* Sending your CV to potential employers.
* Facilitating our payroll and invoicing processes.
* Carrying our customer satisfaction surveys.

Who do you share my data with?
We only use the information provide to us by our candidates, for the following purposes:
If our candidates put you down when registering as their emergency contact, we will contact you should an emergency or accident occur affecting them.
If you were put down as a referee by one of our candidates, we will contact you to take up a reference. This is an important part of our candidate quality assurance process, which could be the difference between an individual getting a job or not.
The company we use for our payroll- We have to share certain details with our payroll company to ensure you get paid. (If you require any further information on this please contact us)

How long do you keep my data for?
We will delete your personal data from our systems if we have not had any meaningful contact with you after 12 months.
Any paperwork collected from you is shredded by following the data retention guidelines. You will be required to complete forms again should you wish to re-register after this time.

Access to my personal data
Can I access my personal data, amend or take back the data you hold on me?
Yes, All candidates have the right to access any personal data that is being kept about them, either on computer or certain files.
Any person who wishes to exercise this right must submit a written request to the Managing Director.
Nu-Staff will make a charge of £10 on each occasion that you request access to your data. This is to cover admin time collating this information for you (Nu-Staff have the discretion to waiver this).
Nu-Staff aim to process these requests as soon as possible and aim to respond to you within one calendar month.

Right to Erasure
This gives individuals the right to request that their personal data be erased without showing that the processing of their data caused them damage or distress (a current requirement under the Data Protection Act 1998).
This must be requested in writing to the Managing Director should you wish to have your data erased.