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What to look out for if you're looking to work for a recruitment agency

As a recruitment agency, we’re not just about placing candidates into permanent positions, although obviously that’s part of what we do. We also have a pool of trusted temporary workers that we call on time and time again to fill short term vacancies, sometimes at short notice. 

So, if the variety and flexibility of this approach sounds appealing to you, how should you go about finding a recruitment agency you know you can happily work with over the longer term?

Here we discuss some of the most important traits to look out for:


Follow your short list of recruiters on social media and you should begin to get an idea of what they’re about. Listen to the way they word their posts, and even more importantly, the way they reply to comments from their own followers. 

Read through their website and blog content and think about whether the ethos they’re portraying is one that you can get behind. And when it comes to meeting them in person or chatting on the phone? Make sure that they come across in a similar way. That’s authenticity!


Ask questions to your potential agency about the types of roles they plan to place you in. What information will they provide to you about the demands of the role and how long it’s likely to last. Plus, what insight will they give to you about the companies and people you’ll be working with. Get a feel for whether they’re making promises about roles that are unlikely to come to fruition.

If, when you begin talking to your chosen agency, you feel that they are not being honest or up front with you about where they see you fitting into their temp or contractor pool then our advice is to give them a wide birth. 

Genuine caring 

Our approach is very much about looking after our candidates we place as if they were our own employees. We prepare them as much as possible for the role they are about to go into, and we check in with them regularly to make sure everything is going OK. If they need help to sort out an issue, or challenge, they have with their new employer then we’ll help out with that too.

By getting to know our temps and building long term relationships with the companies we work with, we are able to make placements that we know will work out well for both parties. 

Make sure the recruitment agency you choose goes the extra mile too.


We’ve left this one until last, as to us it is arguably the most vital of all. And it works both ways.

As a recruitment agency we have to trust that the temps we put forward are going to represent us in the right way and do a good job. If they don’t, not only does it tarnish our reputation, it can damage the long term relationships we have been nurturing for years. 

But of course, we know that for us to put our trust in candidates, they need to be able to put their trust in us too. We have to earn their trust through making sure we do all those other things above right. 

So that’s what we always try to do. 

Sound good? 


If you’re looking for a temporary role for the short or long term, why not get in touch with our talented team today. Contact us on 0344 264 5456 or email to see what we can do for you. 

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