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Why a warehouse is a fantastic place to work

Looking for a new job opportunity, but not sure where to look? Have you considered working in a warehouse? From packing and handling to organising inventory and transporting things around, the jobs available in warehouses are many and varied. And there are plenty of other reasons to consider too:

You’ll start and finish at a set time

Being able to clock in and out at specific times is a definite benefit when it comes to organising child-care and out of work activities. You’ll never need to be worried about being held up in traffic or being expected to stay late. When your finish time rolls around you can walk out of that door.


Once you leave you can forget about work until the next day 

And once you’ve left you won’t have to think about work until your next shift. No more having to be available on your mobile or via email at all times of the night and day. And no worries about finding time to squeeze in that unfinished task before tomorrow. Once you’re done, you’re done.


Varied shift patterns available

Whether you prefer working early in the morning and having the rest of the day to yourself, or you’re a late riser who likes working evenings or nights, you’re bound to find a shift pattern that suits. Many warehouses operate 24 hours per day and can accommodate a mix of shift patterns for their staff.



Opportunities for overtime

And while it can never be guaranteed, if you need a bit of extra cash, particularly around busy times of the year, you should find there are opportunities to pick up a few extra hours here and there. If you think this is something you’d be interested in, it’s a question worth asking at interview. 

It’ll keep you moving

Working in a warehouse can be an active way to spend your time – perfect to get your exercise done for the day. And with more and more evidence pointing to the fact that office 9to5s are destroying our health, increasing the risks of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer, why wouldn’t you want to find a better way to spend your time?


A great team spirit

Many warehouse workers report a great atmosphere with members of the team mucking in together to get the job done, and radio singalongs a common pastime. 



Clear objectives and expectations

If you struggle with anxiety or overwhelm, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll be given a set task and expected to perform it to the best of your ability. The thought of knowing exactly what you need to do and just simply getting on with it is welcomed by many people. 

Everyone is an important part of the chain

Warehouse working tends to be all about productivity, efficiency and process and every single member of the workforce is an important part of that jigsaw, keeping the wheels turning and the lights on. It can be a nice feeling to have others relying on you to fulfil your part of the process so they can get on with theirs. 

Do you love getting things organised?

Warehouse work is all about planning and process, so if you love getting things organised and putting processes in place to get stuff done, there could well be opportunities for you to move into inventory management and planning.


Opportunities for progression

Just because you start in a picking and packing role doesn’t meant that’s where you’ll stay. Work hard, show you’re keen and you could find opportunities in supervision or management.

Have a read of this case study– here we shared the story of Norman who went back into the workplace in a temporary warehouse role and worked his way up to Transport Manager.


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