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Pitfalls of Fast Recruitment

When you need someone to fulfil a role it can be tempting to get through the process as quickly as possible. Perhaps the position is vacant and you’re just desperate to get a ‘bum on the seat’, or perhaps you see the current employee’s notice period disappearing before your eyes and want to make sure there is some chance of a handover before they leave. 

The trouble is, a rushed recruitment process rarely results in success. 

That’s why, this month, we’re looking at some of the reasons why a slow and measured approach will always get you better results. 

Getting the job description right is fundamental

We always advocate starting with the basics. And unless you get the job description right you won’t attract the best candidates or potentially even ask the right questions of the ones you do get to interview. 

Even if there is already a job description on file for the role, you’ll need to spend time reviewing and tweaking it to ensure it is up to date. Seek advice from your HR function if you have one, as well as getting input from the line manager of the role and potentially even the current incumbent.

This time spent will be vital in making sure the rest of the recruitment process goes smoothly.

Don’t rush to recruit from outside

While it’s true that a vacant post can be an opportunity to bring new blood into the organisation, it’s worth first considering whether it might be possible to recruit from inside instead. There are many advantages to offering internal promotions.

Not only will someone who has been with the business for a while need less training in areas like the company culture and generic policies and procedures, but their settling-in period will be markedly quicker than a total newbie. Plus, creating a culture of internal promotion and showing you’re serious about developing people is a great way to incentivise ambitious employees to work hard.

Consider your selection process

Taking some time to work out how you want your selection process to look really can increase your chances of finding the very best candidate for the role. Relying on an interview only approach is all well and good, and perhaps less time consuming, but it definitely favours those who are confident and know all the right things to say. What about those who are perhaps a little quieter but have all the skills you need and more? 

Consider including some form of psychometric testing or a separate competency-based test that allows for a more developed understanding of how the candidate works in any given situation.

Approach your decisions in a structured way

As with any decision-making process, it is best to take a considered approach, looking at your options logically and systematically rather than jumping quickly to a conclusion or making assumptions that aren’t based in fact. Make sure you take time to consider all the information in front of you and produce decisions that are fair and balanced. 

Be aware of the unconscious bias in your thought processes and be sure you can justify your decisions to others or in writing should the candidate seek feedback on the recruitment process.


A slow and measured approach really will give you the best possible chance of finding the right candidate. That is not only the one who will be able to do the job well, but also the one who will fit in with the rest of the team and stick around for years to come.

In that way, you will find the time you invest in the process will be repaid in terms of value add to your business.

If you are looking to fill temporary or permanent vacancies, our team of experienced recruiters are here to help find your perfect candidate(s) in various sectors. 

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