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The NuStaff Recruitment process: putting the right candidates in the right jobs

With over 25 years of recruitment experience under our belts, we at Nu-Staff  have had plenty of time to hone our processes to perfection. In fact, they are designed specifically to make sure we get the best outcomes for our clients. Always making sure the candidates we provide for consideration are the very best fit for not just the role, but also the culture of the company. 


For us it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the quality of the people we recruit too. That’s why a lot of our clients have continued working with us for years and many of our candidates return to us when they’re looking for a new challenge. 


This month we thought we’d explain a little more about our recruitment process as well a few of the changes we’ve made to allow us to continue to operate during recent months. 


Onboarding new clients


If you identify an opportunity or vacancy to be filled, you’ll likely give us a call to let us know. But what can you expect to happen then? 


First stop, we’ll talk you through the recruitment process in detail, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and then we’ll come and visit you if possible. It’s vital that we learn about the culture of your company and your exact requirements. We’ll talk about each individual vacancy description and discuss the personal specification of the candidates that you feel would best suit your business needs. We also like to get a good understanding of the reason the vacancy became available.


More often than not we find that our clients have their own job descriptions written already. However, if you don’t it’s really not a problem. We can discuss the key tasks and role responsibilities as well as help you determine which strengths and attributes are required. We can then put a copy together for you to approve.  And we won’t even charge for this service like many agencies do. At Nu Staff we see this as all part of helping you to source the perfect candidate.


Advertising and filling the position


Once the job descriptions and person specification’s are signed off, we begin our search in earnest. In the first instance we will advertise the vacancy on all UK job boards and social media sites. We will then carry out candidate searches on our own database and the CV searching tools we can access through all the job boards. We tend to move fast; adverts can often turn around a response in 12 hours!   


Every applicant that gets in touch is reviewed and shortlisted. They will then take part in a telephone screening interview. During a 20-minute call we check that the candidate is qualified, suitable and understands the full specification of the role for which they’ve applied. Once we’ve been through this process and shortlisted successful candidates, we hold a face to face competency-based interview to ensure that the candidates are fully competent before putting them forward for consideration. 


Only once the applicants have given us permission to send on their CV or application in accordance with GDPR requirements, will we pass their information to you. This will comprise a brief overview of each candidate giving their key strengths, personal fit and general competencies. From this you’ll be able to complete your standard company interview, but again, if you need us to be involved, we will be happy to oblige. 

We usually look to send 3 CVs per vacancy to you within 72 hours of the sifting and screening process. You’ll receive daily progress updates and usually if it a critical role we can be flexible to meet urgent timescales.


Supporting new starters


We like to take good care of our candidates. We make sure to keep them well informed of every step of the recruitment process and once an offer is made, we keep the lines of communication open until their start date.  Ongoing communication is key, as for best performance it is very important that all candidates feel comfortable and at ease within their role.


At the end of their first working week, we always make contact to ensure candidates are settling well and we check if there are any issues. That way no time is lost and we can raise concerns with you immediately. We also complete four weekly service calls to make sure the new role or assignment is working out.


Covid-19 process changes


We’ve worked very hard as a team to ensure we can continue to provide the levels of service you’ve come to expect from us despite everything that has been going on. And we understand the challenges facing many of our clients at the current time.


We’re constantly updating and improving the way we do things but here are just some of the measures we’ve put in place:


·       We introduced a new online registration for candidates via our web site . 

·       We replaced our face to face interviews with Zoom calls.  

·       Throughout the UK lock down we introduced a remote working service that does not compromise our service levels.

·       Just recently we have adopted a 2-meter distancing screened interview room to allow us to get back to face to face meetings asap.


All of our existing clients have agreed to our new adopted processes and have been more than happy that we’re still adhering to our service level agreements. 


All in all this has been a challenging time but the robust recruitment process that we already had in place has positioned us well for continuing the levels of service we’re proud of. 


If you need support to recruit for a new or existing vacancy in the South Wales, Mid Glamorgan, Bristol or Gloucestershire regions, why not get in touch? We’d be happy to talk to you in more detail about the way we work. Call us today on 0344 264 5456 or email