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Why it’s better to use a smaller, local recruitment agency to fill your vacancies

If you’re a business based in Chepstow, why should you choose a recruitment agency based in Chepstow to fill your vacancies rather than a larger company that has offices throughout the UK? 


Here are just some of the many things a local recruitment agency can offer you: 


Local knowledge


An established local recruiter will be able to offer you a wealth of useful local knowledge and advice, whether that’s information about the strength of the jobs market in the area or local candidates that are looking for jobs in town.


A network of local candidates


A local agency staffed by local people will have its ear well and truly pressed to the ground when it comes to hearing about best local candidates who might be looking for potential new positions. This is especially useful during times of seasonal staff increases or short notice cover as a local recruiter is well-positioned to find someone who can step in quickly in an interim capacity.


More personalised working relationships


With staff who know and live in the area, you’ll often find that the working relationships you develop with local recruitment agencies are a lot more personal than those with a larger establishment. Smaller, independents, like us, have a genuine interest in supporting the local community and its people, and want to do the very best they can to help local businesses find the right staff.

They’re well placed to conduct candidate interviews


When you’re looking for new staff you want their first impressions of you to be positive, even if those first impressions are through a third party or recruitment agency. Local people will find it much less intimidating to approach a local recruitment agency that they’re familiar with for interviews or skills tests if required. Which will mean they’re in a better position to do well and to feel good about the experience.


They can be more flexible in the way they work


Yes all recruitment agencies will have processes and procedures in place to help ensure they vet candidates correctly and put forward only the best ones for the job, but you will find that smaller, local recruiters can be a little be more ‘light on their feet’ when it comes to picking up those last minute request for staff and fulfilling them efficiently. 


They have more invested in doing a good job


Many local recruitment agencies rely on word of mouth among the local business community to keep new customers and new businesses coming through the door. That means that they’re keen to make a good impression, provide excellent service and ensure that people have only positive things to say about them. We certainly are!

So, what do you think? Will you be looking for a local recruitment agency to fulfil your next staff vacancy rather than a larger national chain? 


Give us a call on 01291 628888 (Chepstow) 02920 263365 (Cardiff)  or email us on if you’d like a friendly, local recruitment agency to help fill your vacancies in the Chepstow, Bristol, Mid-Glamorgan  Gloucestershire or South Wales areas.