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How to continue your job search during the Coronavirus pandemic

Whether you were already job hunting, or you’ve become unemployed as a result of the current situation, it’s understandable if you feel concerned about trying to find a new role at the moment.  The Coronavirus crisis has had, and continues to have, an impact on the employment market. As we begin to emerge from lockdown there is no doubt things will look very different in the world of workIf we do indeed enter a recession as has been predicted, it’s likely we’ll see more people applying for fewer jobs. Which means you need to start doing the right things now to give yourself the best possible chance, get yourself noticed and stack the odds in your favour.

Our top six tips for job searchers today:


  1. Continue to apply

Situations are changing and things are up in the air for many businesses, but there are still roles that are vacant and need to be filled. Whether companies are looking to recruit immediately, or waiting for a sense of normality to return, keep your ear to the ground and don’t feel there is no point in contacting HR departments or sending off your CV to recruiters. Start the ball rolling and you’ll be in a great position when things get moving again. 

  1. Make sure your CV stands out

In times when there are lots more applicants than jobs it is more vital than ever that your CV stands up to scrutiny. Have a read through our guide to writing the perfect CV. We look at the important sections to include, how to make sure you don’t immediately turn off employers and why you should tailor your resume to each and every job you apply for. 

  1. Concentrate on networking

Obviously, due to social distancing measures, in-person networking and coffee mornings are a no-no, but online networking has taken off. There are many business networking events that have moved online, try searching for those that take place in your region or industry.

And even if you’ve avoided it before, now is the time to become more familiar with LinkedIn. This is a great way to find out more about organisations and their opportunities and to make professional contacts within your chosen sector. You can also advertise the fact you’re looking for work and ask for help in finding something to suit. And if all else fails, you’ll find you can learn so much about what’s going on in your industry that when the time comes to attend an interview, you’ll be able to impress with your knowledge.  

  1. Get confident with video conferencing

Depending on the kind of role you’re after and the type of company it is within, you may be asked to attend an interview via video conference. We expect this kind of thing to become much more commonplace going forwards. And for office-based roles, you may even find there is a requirement to undertake some work from home, at least in the short term while employers work out how to meet social distancing requirements for their staff.

So it’s worth taking a bit of time to practice. Rope your family in to help you and practice making and receiving calls and speaking while watching yourself so you learn to do it without getting self-conscious. You should also work out where in your house to do video calls from. You’ll need somewhere close enough to the router to avoid signal issues and an area with a nice, plain background that is not too distracting. 


5, Consider what you are and aren’t willing to do

Many of us will need to make difficult decisions over the coming months about the level of risk we’re willing to take as we go back into workplaces. If you are particularly concerned about anything, make sure you ask questions of potential employers up front. You may want to establish whether they’re managing safety concerns adequately and that they will be able to offer the protections you require. But try not to come across as ‘high maintenance’. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions but make sure you phrase them politely, accept the answers you are given and make a decision based on what’s right for you and your family. 

  1. Contact a recruitment agency for help

Recruitment agencies, such as Nu Staff, while perhaps not physically open, are very much open for business and here to support you in your job search and application. 

Having been in business over 25 years, we’ve been through our fair share of uncertain and difficult times, which means we’re perfectly placed to offer advice and guidance during this period. And we’ll be only too happy to help. 


Why not give us a call on 0344 264 5456 to see what we can do to help with your job search in the South Wales, Mid Glamorgan,  Bristol or Gloucester region today?