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How Nu Staff Recruitment can help you to find the right candidate for your role


If you’re considering using a recruiter to fill your vacancies, we understand that you want reassurance about where we find the candidates we put forward to you.

That’s why this month we’re looking in more detail at the methods we use to find top quality new temps and permanent recruits, and how we make sure they’re the right fit for your job.

Searching our in-house database

Whenever a candidate contacts us about a vacancy, we ask them for a CV and upload it to our in-house database. This means we have a huge pool of candidates to tap into when we’re looking to recruit into new roles. Of course, not all of them are still available and some will have found work elsewhere, but it is certainly a great place to start. We also find we get to know people on the database, so oftentimes someone springs to mind before we’ve even started the search.

Probing our existing networks

Having been in the recruitment business in Chepstow for over 25 years, we’ve built up more than a few contacts in that time. So our experienced recruitment consultants will ‘put the feelers out’ and determine whether there mightbe someone they are already aware of that could be perfect for your role. We’ve placed plenty of great candidates into new roles and yours could be the perfect opportunity for someone looking to step up their career. We sometimes receive recommendations or referrals from industry contacts too.

Posting on job boards

If we don’t already know the right person then we certainly know how to find them. Posting on well-known and relevant job boards puts our new vacancies in front of those who are actively searching.  We find this is a great way to get plenty of interest, but to make sure we’re not sifting through piles of irrelevant CVs we always make sure to be crystal clear about the job description we’re recruiting for and the skills and experience required. Where we incur advertising costs for posting on job boards, these will be absorbed by Nu Staff Recruitment.


Embracing social media

Recently we’ve concentrated more on social media, undertaking training so we can maximise our reach. and we’re finding more and more that social media is a great tool for getting interest in the jobs we’re sharing. Our Nu Staff Facebook pagein particular works well, allowing us to share opportunities with our followers and the local community.  

We’ve also been known to check out candidates’ social media presence to make sure their behaviour is in line with social norms and expectations before putting them forward for roles. 


Attending job fairs and events

While we do find we’re contacted online by the vast majority of job seekers these days, sometimes there’s just no substitute for meeting someone face-to-face. That’s why we love job fairs and events. Talking to a candidate about their skills and experience and discussing the types of roles they’re looking for give us a great idea of whether they’re the right candidate for any of the roles that we’re currently looking to fill. 

What happens once we’ve found potential candidates for a role? 

We interview, assess and evaluate each and every one of the candidates we find before providing you with a shortlist of CVs and Candidate Profiles. We’ll only send on those who most closely match your job and person specification. And those who we feel will fit with the ethos and culture of your company. If they’re not worth considering, we won’t waste your time.

Our recruitment consultants will take responsibility for all the time-consuming organisational and administrative tasks up until the point that a job offer is made. That means they’ll arrange, schedule and confirm all interviews with your preferred candidates. They’ll act as go between for salary and any other negotiations. And they’ll take responsibility for all candidate communications, including feedback for those who are unsuccessful in their application. 

We like to make things as easy as possible and will always ensure we represent your company in a positive and professional manner. All of which helps to ensure you secure the best possible candidate for your role.


To speak to one of our experienced consultants about the recruitment of permanent or temporary staff, or if you have a vacancy to be filled, please contact one of our team in the Chepstow office on 01291 628888 or our Cardiff office on 02920 263365alternatively you can contact us via email