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Wellbeing Top 7 Tips

 We have all had a drastic change to our lives and routines these past few weeks and it is quite easy to forget self- care. Nu-Staff have put together some top tips to help give your wellbeing a little boost.

1.     Getting into routine. 

Its safe to say we have all had lots of changes to our routines recently, working from home, home schooling, not being able to visit family and friends. It is really important that you keep a structure to your day. Have set meal times, set bedtimes and times to get up. 



2.     Stay Active

Getting active at home can really help give your mood a boost. Even if it’s a run around the garden with the children, setting up a little home work out or even getting out in the fresh our for a walk, run or cycle for your hour of exercise.


3.     Eat Well

Its time to get creative in the kitchen and cook up a storm. Look online for different recipes, and see if you can become the next Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood.


4.     Get Creative!

Playing isn’t just for the kids. Drawing, colouring, painting , cooking or even gardening, its an opportunity to have a bit of you time or why not get the whole family involved.


5.     Don’t forget you. 

Its really important to plan a bit of ‘Me’ time into your day. Do something that makes you feel good- read a book, listen to a podcast, or even just take a nice relaxing bath.


6.     Take a moment to be in the present. 

Take a moment to control your thoughts. Its really easy at the moment to get caught up scrolling through social media and negativity. Make time to put those phones and laptops away. Hang out with your partner, play games with the kids, put your favourite film on, snuggle up on the sofa and shut the world out for a little while, forget what’s going on and treasure those special quiet moments. 


7.     Sleep Well

We all know sleep is important for your health and wellbeing. It can be really hard to stick to bedtime routines and get the sleep you need (especially with young children in the house)  waking up and going to bed at the same time each evening and morning. Shut off your phone or laptop, do some exercise and refrain from eating large meals close to bedtime.