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25 Years in Business,How did that happen?

 Here is the story of NuStaff Recruitment:

Who are we?
A recruitment agency based in the historic market town of Chepstow, currently there are 10 of us in the team, but we are growing!  We help employers across South Wales, Bristol, The Forest of Dean, Avonmouth and Gloucestershire to find the best candidates and help potential employees find the perfect job to suit their lifestyle. Unlike other agencies, our focus is on finding the best people for the role rather than sending the most amount of people to be interviewed.

How did Nu Staff recruitment come to be?
John Scriven (MD) got into the recruitment industry by accident. John started his career in engineering and jointly ran a successful engineering/design consultancy taking up opportunities as they arose. One day, they were asked to place a temporary draftsman into a job, though they weren’t experienced in recruitment they decided to give it a go and succeeded. The recruitment industry was slightly different in those days; an employment agency licence was required to place candidates into roles, so once they obtained one their venture into the world of recruitment began.

The agency grew and grew until they decided it was time to set up an office in Lydney. They worked with brands like GCHQ and everything seemed to be going well. Sadly, a third party intervened which resulted in severe financial difficulties for the agency. The business wasn’t going to be able to continue, so when John was offered a job in Warrington you might have expected him to take it. Instead he decided that it was time to start again and open up another business. As luck would have it John found a business partner with empty premises which allowed him to start up a training agency in Chepstow. After some time the building across the road became available for purchase. It needed a lot of work but John bought it and refurbished it. This building is the office where Nu Staff recruitment HQ is today. 

From engineering to recruitment, then recruitment to training and finally training back to recruitment, it hasn’t been the easiest journey. But since refurbishing our current premises Nu Staff Recruitment has gone from strength to strength and we have just celebrated our 25th year in business.

What do we do now?
We are a recruitment agency through and through; working with a range of clients big and small, including start-ups, small businesses and large blue-chip companies.

We have candidates ready for temporary and seasonal work and an established list of potential applicants for permanent positions. Our community of candidates is extremely varied; those looking for flexible work to fit around their lifestyle or family, some looking for full-time permanent positions or hard-working folk looking for an extra income here and there. 

In any one week we have around 200 people in temporary positions; from admin to HGV driving and more.



What makes us different?
Despite growing in number we still pride ourselves on the personal touch. We have been told that we are approachable and friendly and we want to keep it that way. At Nu Staff we’re like a family; some of our newest employees worked with John over 18 years ago and have come full circle.

A huge advantage of working with us is that we employ our temporary staff directly. Taking away the hassle of things like payroll, pensions and holiday pay; instead, we invoice you as a supplier. For candidates this is also a bonus; if you feel that the job you’ve been placed in isn’t a good fit for some reason then we are able to find you something else instead without the paperwork usually involved in leaving and starting a new job.

We also span a range of industries which means that our vacancies are varied and our candidate skillsets are too! 


How can we help you?

If you are looking for staff in South Wales, Bristol, The Forest of Dean, Avonmouth or Gloucestershire, we have a pool of candidates and a fantastically friendly recruitment team ready to help.  We specialise in the following industries:

  •          Industrial & Manufacturing
  •         Driving & Logistics
  •         Engineering
  •         Technical
  •         Commercial
  •         Contact Centre
  •         IT & Digital
  •         Executive Search


Are you looking for work, temporary or permanent? If you're entering the jobs market for the first time, returning to work after a career break, unemployed, looking for some extra work or just considering a new career then why not get in contact with us. We have new vacancies available all the time in many industries in and around Chepstow.

If you would like to find out more about working with us, or to arrange a free consultation, contact our friendly team on 01291 628888 or email