NuStaff are now in the North of England!

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When Shareen joined the team in January of this year, we set her a challenge. To build up our new North Division from scratch. No mean feat during a global pandemic, but she wasn’t going to let a little virus get in the way of things. This month, as part of a series of meet the team posts that will appear over future months, we wanted to introduce Shareen and share a bit about her and find out how she supports our clients and candidates. That way if you pick up the phone and hear Shareen on the other end you’ll be able to put a face to the voice.


Every morning, when Shareen starts work, she checks in with her clients to ensure any staff we have supplied are on site, exactly where they should be. 

It’s always a nice way to begin the day, knowing that we have a full team and being confident I have job-matched reliable candidates for the roles.”

And it’s true, there’s a lot riding on those phone calls. As Shareen builds her division, she sees it as vital that she delivers on exactly what she has promised her clients and builds a good rapport with them and their internal teams. 

I try to make them feel special whether we’re talking about 1 temp or 100. Our packages are always site specific.”

In fact, she spends a lot of time working on the relationship with her clients:

I never over promise what can be delivered as I know that only offering an honest, reliable service will build trust with the client and encourage future business, or even word of mouth referrals”. 

I believe communication is key with any client to build the relationship and keep them in the loop of progression and development of their account. I take into consideration that clients have different needs, so build a bespoke package to suit their individual site requirements. And listening is one of the most important skills in order to effectively match the right people to jobs. Because at the end of the day, that’s the bit our clients care about the most.” 

Listening is vital, too, when the team are meeting with and working with our pool of temps as well as new candidates that come to us. As Shareen puts it,

“It’s really important to listen to what a candidate is really looking for and to match their skills to the job in hand. There’s no point in just sticking people in vacancies to fill gaps – that doesn’t serve either the candidate or the client well. Only taking time to get the match right will help a candidate sustain employment in the longer term.” 

But that doesn’t mean to say we pigeonhole our candidates into only roles that are similar to those they’ve done before. Working with a candidate to establish what transferable skills they hold can be a great way to help them find opportunities they wouldn’t perhaps have considered otherwise. 

Times are different now, reports in the media suggest that many sectors are struggling due to the impact of Covid and lockdown restrictions. But that’s not the case for every industry. There are many companies that are thriving and still recruiting staff. Job seekers who are prepared to be flexible with their aspirations are still finding fulfilling roles in many areas.

If you’re currently looking for a new job, our best advice to you is to keep applying, follow up on those applications, ask for feedback and think outside of the box in terms of your transferable skills. 

Most of all, just keep on going. You’ll get there!

If you need support with filling vacancies or you are looking for work, whether you’re based in  the North of England elsewhere across South Wales, Mid Glamorgan, Bristol and the Forest of Dean, one of the Nu Staff team will be happy to have a chat and see what we can do for you.  Send us an  email or call our office on 03442 645 456.