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What to provide to a recruitment agency to get the best possible candidate for your role

Here at Nu Staff, the relationships we build with our clients are important to us, that’s why we spend time nurturing and growing them. It’s also why around 90% of the recruitment assignments we receive are for customers we’ve worked with before.


Of course, when we recruit on behalf of a client we can’t do everything ourselves, we need input from the company who has the vacancy too. So if you’re about to work with a recruitment agency, what kind of input should you expect to have to give? And how can you help find the right person?  


Have you worked with the agency before? 


When you’re instructing recruiters to find you a new member of staff, the process you are asked to follow will depend on whether you’ve worked with them before. 


When we’re working with new clients, we like to get to know them first. We’ll usually visit them at their premises to understand the nature of their business and gain insight into the products or services they provide. We’ll talk at length about the history and structure of the business, the various teams that are in place and the reporting lines that exist. And we’ll ask plenty of questions about the types of roles we’ll be recruiting for, whether they’re temporary or permanent and the sort of volumes that are likely to be required.  


Of course, when we’re working with longer term clients, we already have a good understanding of their work environment and the various job roles in the company. But piecing together and recording as much information as we can, will help us to provide an overview to candidates, as well as screen out those who we believe would not be a good fit. We feel it’s also important for us to come across as a knowledgeable and professional partner when we’re acting externally on your behalf.

Establishing what the role entails…


When a recruitment agency is acting on your behalf, they will of course need a good understanding of the job role that is being fulfilled. How this works may depend on whether this is an existing or new role and at what level of the organisation the role sits. 


We’re pretty flexible in the way we work. In some cases we’ll find that a company already has a job description drafted and it simply needs a polish, in others they may want us to prepare it for them. We’re always happy to do this based on a conversation with the line manager or HR representative and our experience of recruiting for other similar roles. 


In all cases we will ensure the job description is signed off before it is used. And we’ll also save these in our advert platform to ensure the process is more efficient should we need them again. 


…and who would be the best person for it.

 Once the key tasks for the role are identified and clear in the job description, we will arrange to talk to the employer about the skills and abilities they’re looking for, or the person specification as we call it. It’s vital that we gain a good understanding so we are clear who would suit the role.


In general, when you’re working with an experienced recruitment agency to fill the vacancies within your company, you can let yourself be guided by them. 


They will be looking for detailed information to help them gain a well-rounded understanding of your organisation, the vacancy and the type of person it would suit. But if they’re anything like us they’ll be pretty flexible in how they gather that information from you. 


We believe that ultimately a great result comes down to great communication, something we work hard on with all of our clients. Thanks to regular check-ins and the genuine interest we take in the businesses we work with, we often know what recruitment needs are coming up before they actually hit. That’s the best way we find to be fully prepared with our eyes on the ground ready to find the perfect candidates for the roles our partners have to fill. 


if you’re looking for a recruitment partner to work with long term, why not send us an email on  or call our office on 03442 645 456. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to talk about your needs.