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Keeping everyone Covid Safe

As a recruitment agency, we’re used to having clients and candidates popping in to see us in the office every day. But of course, since COVID struck everything has been a little bit different.


Now we’re back in the office, out and about and seeing people face to face again we’ve put in place some special measures to make sure we keep everyone safe.   

Here’s what we’re doing:



1.     We’re asking that all staff and visitors to the office wear masks when entering the office and at all times when they’re in an enclosed space with other people. 

2.    We’ve made sanitising stations available  at the entrance to the building and throughout the office. We ask that everyone washes their hands  at regular intervals throughout the day and makes use of the disinfectant available to try to reduce the spread of the virus. 


  We want to encourage candidates to continue to register for work with us, but instead of walking in off the street as they used to be able to do, we now ask they book an appointment with us instead.  This is so we can control the number of people in the office at any one time and we have a record of people who have been in the building. 

4.     We have track and trace in place, meaning should we be advised that a member of staff or a visitor is showing symptoms of Covid we’ll be able to quickly inform the relevant authorities and ensure others who may have been in contact can isolate quickly.


5.     Every week we ensure our professional cleaning company undertake a full deep clean of the office. It’s important to us that we’re doing everything we can to reduces the risk for our clients and staff.

6.     Further to the deep clean, we make sure ourselves that all desks and other surfaces are wiped down regularly throughout the day. We also open the windows frequently to change the air flow. 


7.    We’ve made sure that all of our staff are socially distanced within the office, ensuring desks are placed far enough apart, with partitions to help reduce the chance of spread. 

8.     As things open up we’ve once again started to visit clients onsite rather than meeting or interviewing over video conference as we have been doing for some time. We are committed to wearing masks and visors wherever we go as well as taking and using hand sanitiser on a frequent basis. 


But of course if our clients prefer, we’re happy to continue to converse online – it will take a while before we all feel confident to operate completely normally again. 

9 . As the vaccination rollout continues across the UK, we are pleased to say that all our team are

      now fully vaccinated. 

10. To reduce the need for candidates to come into the office, we’ve been developing and piloting an online system for registration. Testing has been going well and this is now live!

This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while anyway in order to help us register people more quickly and reduce our dependency on paper, but with everything that’s happened in the last year it’s sped up the process and we’ve proved it can work. 


Due to Covid we can still take digital versions of our candidates’ IDs (via photo/ scanning) until September, but this will then revert back to normal. Eventually we’ll have some computers set up in the office so we can do everything easily online.  

If you are finding yourself out of work or fancy a change and would like to explore new job opportunities, why not give us a  call  or email us. We might even let you test out our new online registration!