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Why you should start your 2024 job search now

With just a few weeks left of 2023 many people will be thinking about what they want from the new year. This could be setting resolutions or goals such as getting that job they’ve always wanted and maybe taking the leap into a career change entirely.

Instead of waiting for the new year to start looking for that new job, we recommend implementing some key steps now.

Here are 3 reasons to start your job search before the end of the year.

1.       Beat the January rush

Many people associate a new year with change and so traditionally we see a spike in candidate registrations at the start of the year, but there is no guarantee there will be a spike in new jobs available. Starting your search earlier can help to avoid being caught up in a mass of applications and help you stand out.

2.       Company budgets

Hiring comes with a cost to employers and budgets are typically reviewed towards the end of the year. This makes December a great time to negotiate salaries as departments will be allocated fresh pots for the start of the year. When negotiating salaries it’s important to be realistic and have a benchmark of average pay based on your specific industry and experience.

3.       Kick off the new year on a positive

Starting your job search early means you don’t have to spend the festive period updating your CV or completing online applications. Whether you manage to secure an interview or even bag yourself the job before the new year, either way you can enjoy your Christmas break knowing that you’ve got something exciting ahead in 2024. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start.

We understand it can be tempting to start winding down for Christmas early and put off even thinking about a new job until January comes but if you are serious about getting the new year off to the best start possible, now is the perfect time to act.

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