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Case study: Partnering to fill warehouse and logistics roles over the long term

Sometimes, rather than working on ad hoc projects with companies, we partner up and work over a much longer period. This has many benefits as we get to know the way your businesses works, the culture of your company and the type of staff that would fit in from day one. 

It means that when you request resources at short notice, we’re in a much better position to fulfil those requests quickly and efficiently.

This month we had a chat with one of our longer-term clients – a team we’ve worked with for over 14 years - to find out how this sort of arrangement works from their perspective. 

When did your relationship with Nu Staff begin?

“Years ago, when we needed to increase the staff levels at our Severn Beach depot, we’d approached a number of Bristol-based companies for help. To be honest we had not been particularly impressed with the service we received. So, we were on the lookout for a new recruitment partner.

I was familiar with Nu Staff as they’d helped me find my first role years ago as a Depot Manager, so I thought I’d contact them and see if they could help us fill our vacancies.“

And did Nu Staff provide what you needed?

“We immediately knew that we could work well with Nu Staff. They listened to exactly what we needed, they’ve always had a good fill rate and we’ve been pleased with the quality of staff they provide. Some staff have been with us over two years and some we’ve even taken on full time – they’re still here working with us now.

And what’s your relationship been since then?

“We’ve worked with Nu Staff since that time. They help us fulfil daily requirements of around 20-60 full time equivalent staff from warehouse operatives to forklift drivers as well as admin staff. We contact them to let them know what we need, and they just get it sorted. We have a great working relationship and feel like they’re an extended part of the team.”

Would you recommend Nu Staff?

“Yes, we’d recommend Nu Staff without hesitation. Nu Staff have spent time learning and understanding our business. They don’t moan about all the daily changes we have, and their rates are extremely fair. They’re local, they’re friendly and they’re honest…oh, and they bring good cakes, which are greatly appreciated.”


If the current corona virus situation means you’re trying to increase warehouse and logistics staff or delivery drivers quickly, or if you’re looking for a recruitment partner to work with long term, send us an email us on Our office may be closed but we are still very much open for business.