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Occupational Health Advisor

Industry: Administration

Job Description

Responsibilities: - Provide occupational health services to employees - Conduct health assessments and screenings to identify potential health risks in the workplace - Collaborate with management and HR to develop and implement health and safety policies and procedures - Conduct root cause analysis of workplace incidents and accidents to identify areas for improvement - Maintain accurate records of employee health assessments, treatments, and incidents - Prepare reports on occupational health trends and provide recommendations for preventive measures

Experience: - Bachelor's degree in nursing or a related field - Valid nursing license - Proven experience working as an Occupational Health Nurse or in a similar role - Knowledge of occupational health and safety regulations and best practices - Strong communication skills, both written and verbal - Ability to work independently and make sound decisions

Skills: - Proficient in providing first aid treatment and emergency care - Ability to conduct root cause analysis to identify underlying causes of workplace incidents - Strong report writing skills to document health assessments, incidents, and recommendations

As an Occupational Health Nurse, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of employees by providing timely medical care, conducting health assessments, and promoting a safe working environment. Your expertise in first aid, root cause analysis, and report writing will be essential in identifying potential risks, implementing preventive measures, and improving overall occupational health. If you are passionate about employee well-being and have the necessary qualifications and skills, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding position.


Ref: 248

Location: Cwmbran

Job Type: Temporary

Hours: Full-time

Salary: From £21.74 to £21.74 per h
£21.74 - 21.74 per hour + 0


Contact: Nia Evans


Posted: 31/10/2023

Last Updated: 31/10/2023